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Hey guys! I've created a profile on wordcosplay for my cosplay photos only, so feel free to follow me there Hi! 

Point Right Point Left 

Natasha Romanoff by mysteria-violent
After making Maleficent cosplay i found an artwork with my pic been used - Maleficent - Photomanipulation by Kimimaro-Meteordust

That hat suits me :D I want to thank the @Kimimaro-Meteordust for this work again.
Just a reminder that I also have a stock account, you may use my pictures for commercial use as well, for flyers, book covers, posters, I accept payment via paypal and DA points. But write a DM first;) 

goth girl with violin stock by MysteriaViolentStock
Happy New Year everyone! :3 Thanks for your support and all the lovely comments, dear followers! Thanks for critique, it helps me to improve my skills. 
Hope you have great holidays! Love you all ^_^ 

I've got new pictures in my stock account mysteriaviolentstock.deviantar…

Feel free to use it. 
I always face the fact that someone steals pictures, ang sets them as avatar or profile picture or just collects them in a private album on FB. But whan I found these I was lauphing so loud :D I had a photoshoot in Berlin XD But mythical photoshoot. Without even leaving Russia. Just look on the description below the photo…
There are some other stolen pictures too. 
I just wonder how people can be so impudent and unashemed to claim other ppl's works as their own! Especially when it's so easy to find a REAL OWNER using internet. 
So just for others to know is a fucking faker. 
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Haven't been posting anything since...Don't even remember when was the last time. Thanks for all the visitors and a special thanks for peop;e who give me Llamas and comment my works, you are awesome :) I appreciate the feedback so much! 
Btw you can also visit my FB page -…

Hugs, that's all for now.
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My interview for Goth Girl of the week ^_^ Actually my first interview for e-zine. So exited :) Have a look at it here -…
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First of all I want to say thanks to everybody who follows me and supports my art with favs and LLama badges!:)
I didn't know that by far, but my work took the 31st place in the list of 50 best works of 2012 in #The-Railfan-Nation (the-railfan-nation.deviantart.…). Also my FB fan page (…) gained more likes and now it's almost 2000, I should say thank you for those who support me there!
I don't have enough time to update my page.
Some new pictures can be found on my facebook page…
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Time to add new pictures to my gallery! I have already posted some of them to facebook, so for those who follow me there these pics won't be new. But, there are some pics from yesterday's shoot:) freshly baked nes, so enjoy:)

BTW I'm going to make special spring shoot, for it's so nice outside, everything is in bloom and FINALLY it's so WARM here in Siberia!! :D
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My stock picture became a Daily Deviation and I got so many comments saying i look like Amy Lee. Is it really so? O_o And btw i never got sooo many views and comments :D
I've just added some new stuff to my stock account, so if you guys are interested in using my photos for your art and photoshop practice you are welcome - mysteriaviolentstock.deviantar…
I had some problems with my browser so I couldn't enter my profile(( now I've got pretty much staff to post so here we go!
Hello sweethearts!
I want to tell you that I've done a STOCK ACCOUNT - mysteriaviolentstock.deviantar…
So feel free to use my pics for any digital and other art, but don't forget to read the rules first. I'll post more photos there soon.
Good evening!
I've got a modeling page on facebook, so you are welcome to like it ^^
Here's the link -->…
Hello, I'm not new here, my old page is here - but soon it will be deleted. I don't want to post my pics under the old nickname, with numbers instead of letters. So, welcome to my new page ^_^